What happens at your service?

Gathering together on a Sunday is a time when we experience God together and listen to some engaging and challenging teaching which helps us relate the bible to our lives.

We include the following elements:

  • Sung worship led by our band
  • A time of prayer
  • Information about the important things going on in the life of our church
  • A talk by one of our gifted speakers (usually around 30 minutes)
  • A few songs to finish

After the service we serve refreshments and have the opportunity to informally chat together and get to know each other a bit more.

Those under 14 usually stay in the service for the first 15-30 minutes and then they go to their own groups, returning just before the end of the service.

The first Sunday in the month includes communion. We have gluten free bread and non-alcoholic wine if you need or would prefer them.

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