A New Church Building

We are on the move!

As part of our desire to serve Oswestry more effectively we are looking to relocate to the centre of Oswestry.

This will give us:
  • Larger facilities
  • Improved facilities
  • More accessible location
  • Facilities for the local and surrounding communities.
  • Ability to increase and enhance initiatives to meet social need.

From our new location we will be able to expand the provision that we currently provide for Oswestry and offer a much needed facility for others to use as well.

We have received full planning permission and have purchased the site. We  have recently been awarded:

  • £27,000 grant from Allchurches Trust
  • £25,000 grant from The Norwood and Newton Settlement 



Our new location will be on English Walls, opposite Poundland.


You can give towards this exciting vision here.